About us

We are two fidget-arses, curious, non-conforming, we love searching for the real meaning of things, the meaning of our existence. What makes us happy? otherwise said: what matters to us.

Our studies in chemical engineering put us in the same track. That is, almost a decade ago. We are inspired by the nature but also inspired by personal challenges that make us feel alive.

Our passions include travelling and learning languages as a way to open the door to new cultures. We are open to see and understand other realities, other perspectives. This is why this blog is for you, you are the main character, you are what makes this blog meaningful. Our posts make sense only because you are there to read them. Let’s enrich each other but on top of that: Let’s have fun commenting!


About Jorge

‘’Born in Calatayud (1984), and lived in Zaragoza (Spain) till I finished the University in 2008. During my childhood I spent lot of time in a rural and countryside atmosphere, my time walking, running or cycling in the mountains grew an intimate feeling with the nature which will lead my passions for the rest of my life.

Moved to New Hampshire in US for my first experience living abroad, I found this time very fruitful and challenging, it opened my mind till limits I could not think before.

Since then, I have worked in Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey, visiting about 26 countries during this time. In spite of this hectic time, I still dream to visit many more.

My core values are family/friends and nature, and from them I developed other interests, I love traveling and activities in the mountains as hiking, trail running, ski touring… and photography too, so that´s a good combination to share experiences with people.

The last 6 years in my life has been very active and when I look back I feel the opportunity to share those good experiences, that´s the reason of creating this blog, just one person who likes one of the posts is rewarding enough to continue building this blog.

As Martin Luther King challenged us, we should questions ourselves; what I am doing for others?. A blog is a way to reflect about ‘’What Matters Most to Me’’ and bring hope, meaning, inspiration and joy to our readers.’’

About Miguel

‘’Born in Zaragoza (1985), studied chemical engineering and finish the studies abroad, in The Netherlands. After this beautiful experience, I continued my international experience in Belgium and France, where I undertook a masters degree in European Business. Now, I live in Zurich and work as a management consultant.

My values: respect, openness, thoughtfulness

Hobbies: Open air activities from hiking and diving to enjoying a nice sandwich and drinks in good company

As Steve Jobs said once, do not be afraid of taking decisions – It will seem uncertain, but when you look back over time, it will all make sense -. I believe that following your principles, you will probably take wise decisions. And if you fail, use that as an opportunity to learn and build up from there.’’