A train trip across the Alps: from Switzerland to Italy

On the weekend of 16th Mai, Andrea and I went by train from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy. We took the train Bernina Express which goes across the Alps and enjoyed a wonderful landscape all the way to Italy for 122 km. The route is a UNESCO World Heritage. Many bridges, tunnels, forests, lakes, mountains, everything was there. Switzerland has a particular talent to offer you the best of nature. The photo below is one of the famous spots of the train journey: going above the Landwasser Viadukt (65m high and 136m long) to exit into the Landwasser Tunnel.


Snow-covered mountains and glaciers:


I did not expect a stopover in Alp Grüm, in the middle of the trip. Imagine the feeling of being part of such a show of nature.

InstagramCapture_51e1ad41-f88d-41e4-b5c4-79afa9e0d4a3    IMG-20150518-WA0002

When we arrived in Tirano we still had half a day ahead of us. The city is surrounded by mountains and one can actually appreciate the quality of life in Tirano.

InstagramCapture_2247a9b2-b712-4b54-9ce8-c300a908d89a  InstagramCapture_25ccedb1-3fb2-4ae6-84ea-d055a09b131c

In one of our walks we ended up in the cemetery of the city. One could make the maths easily and confirm that many people had lived for over 90 years. I must say this was one of most beautiful and well-maintained cemeteries I ever saw.

As we explore the city one of the most interesting things I observed was how the new mixed with the old. There were houses in ruins but also beautiful and modern houses close by. I waited for a long time to be able to find a good spot and take the shot below, a clear example of new and old.


There are many Palazzos. Below the Palazzo Merizzi, in the old part of the city


Finally, one cannot leave the city without diving into the Italian culture a bit more. Coffee in Switzerland is extremely good but I must confess the cappuccino I took in Tirano (perfect cream) was the finest one I tried in a very long time. Coffee accompanied with a canolo, especially rich and sweet. I dared buy a book in Italian. The staff recommended me Italo Calvino. We will see if my Spanish is enough to be able to follow the reading in Italian in the next coming days 🙂


Some hints:

I cannot recommend to go to Ristorante Hotel Bar Bernina in the main station even if it is listed in the Michelin guide. Very poor service, they did not seem to care much and were not very welcoming. Andrea’s dish came 20 min after mine. Luckily we always share the dishes…

Go to the restaurant Lollipop to enjoy an excellent and inexpensive cappuccino as well as one of the best piadina I ever ate. The restaurant is near by the basilica.

For accommodation I strongly recommend the B&B Tirano. What a warm welcome. They pay attention to details, everything is clean, very comfortable beds and the place itself very cosy.

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  1. andrea says:

    You captured Tirano in a nutshell! I loved what you said about being part of the show of nature 🙂

  2. great article!!!! 😉

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