Skiing in Zermatt / Cervinia

The Matterhorn -or Cervino- (4478 m), “der Berg der Berge” (“the mountain of the mountains”), is breath-taking, beautiful, majestic. It is located in the border line between Italy and Switzerland. Whether you go skiing to Zermatt (Swiss side) or to Cervinia (Italian side) you will enjoy the view of the peak and its magnificent surrounding.

The Matterhorn seen from the Swiss side (left) and from the Italian side (right)

WP_20141213_012[1]              WP_20141213_020[1]

When I went the weekend of the 12th Dec there was not much snow on the Swiss side. The Italian side had more and better snow, and there were more slopes open than in the Swiss side and more challenging. One has to be aware of the time. I strongly recommend to go early for skiing as the last chance to come back to the Swiss side (if you want to be in Zermatt) from the Italian side is 15:15. The slopes have long and amusing downwards and time goes by quickly!

Some pictures of the landscape:





Food: I strongly recommend to go to La Motta Chez Gabriel, a restaurant located in the Italian side of the slopes. Go to the first floor. Excellent food, price is unbeatable. And coffee for 1 Eur!

Night life: We had a very good time at Papperla pub in Zermatt. Very good atmosphere and live music. You find people going there directly after skiing. You will find more pubs in the same street. If you stay outside the pub I recommend to drink a Glühwein!

A picture of Zermatt at night:



I look forward to coming back soon so that I can make the most of the Swiss side next time! It is said to be amazing!


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